StaffKeep invites your new employees and workers to fill out their personal information in a secure form online or on a smart phone.  Once complete, you will have access to their information for importing into QuickBooks Online Payroll.  We also capture bank account information for direct deposit.  Here is how it works... 

  1. Invite your employee to set up a StaffKeep profile from the Staff page: 

2. We send the employee an email invitation: 

3. The employee fills out all their personal information on our secure web site:

4. The employee can also add bank accounts for direct deposit:

5. Once complete you will have all the important information securely at your fingertips:

6. Add the employee to QuickBooks Payroll from the Apps section on the employee

7. Your employee will be displayed in QuickBooks under "Workers"

8. Copy and paste the SSN and bank information into QuickBooks payroll and you are done.  

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