Key benefits:

  • Posting each transaction to QuickBooks can be too much data for a busy store. We post a summary once a day with all the details required for accounting.

  • We post the exact deposit amount expected from Square Payments and properly account for fees and Square Capital payments and we even reconcile to your bank account.

  • Other QuickBooks integrations have posting errors you have to fix. With our summary posts, if there ever is an issue, we will help.


Each day a summary is posted to QuickBooks of your net sales, taxes, discounts, shipping, returns, tips, gift cards, and all payment methods. Also, a journal entry is posted daily to match your Square Payments deposit which will match up in your QuickBooks bank feed. This app was built by CPAs and accounting experts who use QuickBooks daily and is free to use. If you need help you can email or chat with us right in the app.

Set up:

  1. Once you have installed bookkeep from either the QuickBooks store or signed up at you will need to go to apps and then connect QuickBooks if it is not already connected

  2. Connect Square by going to the apps page in and clicking on the Square icon.

  3. Choose the location you want to map.  You must add a connection for each location you want to track.  

4. Once connected choose "map" 

5. Now map the Square Summary journal entry post to the accounts in QuickBooks.  If you do not see your accounts in the drop down click "refresh" next to the QuickBooks icon. Note all fields with * are required.  

6. Next select the Square Deposit template using the drop down on the upper right corner and map the QuickBooks accounts for the Square Deposit journal entry:

7. Once you have saved the mapping templates you can run historic days by clicking RUN next to the Square Connection.  You can choose the template to run and the day.  

8. You can check "History" to see if the Journal Entry Posted properly.  If it didn't use the chat bubble on the bottom right to chat with us and we can help. 

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