At the bottom of each template is a General Setting section for running the daily jobs.

Start of Day - The beginning of the 24 hour period we will summarize.  If you are an eCommerce vendor leave this as 12:00 AM.  But if you are, for instance, a restaurant which closes at 4:00 AM you will want to begin your period at the time you open for business say 4:00 PM.  

End of Day - This is the time we run our job and also the time you will then receive your email.  If you are an eCommerce vendor you will want to leave it at 12:00 AM.  If you are the restaurant example set your End of Day to the latest time you possible would have a transaction. So if you close at 4:00 AM then set this to 05:00 AM.  

Class - This optional field is the class setting for each line of the journal entry. 

Vendor - This field fills the Name field in QuickBooks and is based on the vendor.  Set this to the vendor for this connection. In this example Paypal. 

Location - This optional field allows you to name the location for this posting to be used in email reports and also in QuickBooks memo field.  

Send Reports To - If you would like to have an email report sent when we post the Journal Entry enter the email addresses in this field.

NOTE: Time zone settings are in Organization Settings here: 

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