We attempt to mimic the way Shopify accounts for sales and payments in QuickBooks as long as it is proper accounting.  

As such Shopify will display in their Finance Report payments made on orders which happened on previous days.  

If an order was booked as a sale on a previous day but not fully paid for the payments would be less than the sales.  

Since we must always post a perfectly balanced summary to accounting systems we have to have an account to balance this out.  We call this account for Shopify the Unknown Payments Account.

So for example on day 1 you complete a sale for $100 and the customer pays $50 on credit and $50 not paid yet. Then we would book $50 to Unknown Payments.  

On Day 2 if the customer pays the $50 in cash on a day with no sales we would then book -50 to Unknown Payments and $50 to Cash which zeros out Unknown Payments and increases the Cash account.

See below:

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