Multiple payment processors on Shopify are grouped together under Third Party Payments when they come over to QuickBooks. You can now track payments by channel with our Daily Summary app. Log into your account to get started.


Most Shopify sellers use multiple payment processors like PayPal and QuadPay on top of Shopify payments.

When these payments come over to QuickBooks, they're all grouped under Third Party Payments. You can now identify which payment channel they come from so you can easily track the payments received from each channel.

Here are just some of the payment channels in Shopify that you can now track:

break out 3rd party payment processors from Shopify

To set up individual accounts in QuickBooks to track payments from each channel, just head over to the Shopify Daily Summary app. Next, click on the magic wand to the right of Third Party Gateway Payments. Or select the drop down if you already have them created in Quickbooks.

Log into your account to get started.

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