Do you find yourself having to click through multiple screens or piecing together individual orders to reconcile your Square account to QuickBooks? Or, having to clean up messy transaction-level data in QuickBooks?

If you answered YES, then you’ll want to watch this video till the end. You’ll discover how to automate and reconcile Square to QuickBooks even if you’re not a Square expert.

With just the things I’ll show you in this video, you’ll be able to…

  • Sync Square to QuickBooks the right way to shave hours off your reconciliation process

  • Simple yet practical way to separate tender types and book merchant fees

  • What to do with gift cards, refunds, tips, etc… without having to match them to sales manually

  • Recommended ways for booking merchant fees you should avoid, and why

  • How to handle sales taxes (especially if you’re selling products in multiple jurisdictions)

  • Seamlessly track your sales from multiple locations

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